Promote Your Business with Four Square

28 Feb

Do you have a physical shop? Are you on Four Square? If you answered “no”, then you may want to think again! Did you know that in some cases promoting your business on Four Square could increase foot traffic by 33%?

Four Square is a social media site that allows businesses to register their stores with their site so that customers can “check-in” using their smart phones, earning them points and badges for their profile. Business owners can even set up “specials” through Four Square that can be unlocked after a certain number of check-ins.

The Special that I unlocked at lunch last Saturday!

Four Square is also an excellent way to track how your customers interact with your store.  Users can leave a “tip” for other Four Square users at your shop (ex. “Tuesdays are 50% off jewelry day!” or “Ask for Gina to be your waitress – she’s the best!”). Users can mark a “tip” as done, helping you track trends at your shop. Four Square is also a great way to track customers satisfaction with your shop, through customer reviews.

It’s free to sign up, so why not check it out?


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