What’s Your Brand?

27 Feb

Think of the products in your house. Your kitchen, your bathroom, your closet – how do you decide what fills those rooms? Sometimes, our shopping purchases are based on price or availability. Sometimes they’re based on convenience. Sometimes, however, our consumer choice is based off of the carefully calculated brand created for us by the companies whose products we’re purchasing.

What is a brand, exactly? Well, it’s not just a logo or a jingle we hear on the radio.  Brand is comprised of all things aesthetic, emotional, social, and realistic (or not) surrounding the product. Brand is how the company represents itself and how the public perceives it.

So, what is YOUR brand? Take some time to think about how your customers perceive your brand, and how you want your brand to be perceived. Do a little bit of research on some of your favorite brands and why they’re your favorite.

Branding Resources:

Brand Aid By Brad VanAuken – American Management Association (2003)

Branded Nation By James B. Twitchell – Simon & Schuster (2004)


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