Member Spotlight: Hye Ryung Hwang, Outreach Intern

26 Jan

Hye Ryung Hwang recently completed her fall 2011 Outreach Internship with Empowered Women International.  Hye is from Korea and was studying through the Washington Center for her fall semester which gave her the opportunity to  intern full time with EWI.  During her internship she was instrumental in creating tagging and signage for EWI’s Micro-Enterprise products, assisting in maintaining all pr materials and took full management of PR packet production, conducted marketing research, wrote blog postings, aided in the recording and facilitation of the Center for Financial Empowerment, and marketing events.

Rena stated in reflection about her time as an intern with EWI:

Hye working on completing a sale order

“This fall semester, I interned at a non-profit organization, Empowered Women International. I was an outreach intern, working specifically in the field of Multi-Cultural Arts program and Micro Enterprise program. During my internship, I researched similar organizations, business strategies and marketing skills which could help women artists to promote their products. I also wrote blog posts, marketed events using social network services and on various websites. In addition to the above, I prepared events and created PR materials.

By doing these jobs, I achieved some goals that I wanted to achieve during my stay in the United States. I developed great research skills, and writing skills by writing blog posts. Also, I improved communication skills while working with various people. I learned how to work as a team and how to strengthen and make teamwork more effective. Overall, I learned the importance of responsibility by doing an internship at the unique organization.

Hye with Aida Dedajic and Sara Ahmed

The thing I liked about working as an outreach intern and at Empowered Women International was that I got chances to learn about business and hands on experience related to it. I major in international relations, and I do not have a lot of opportunities to know about business as the world now emphasize it a lot.  Also, the most important thing was that I actually had chances to meet women artists who are in difficult circumstances which made me more motivated and know why we should be civically engaged in our society. By working at a small non-profit organization, I learned about actual difficulties they are facing, and paid more attention to related issues which became great experience and asset for me that I gained this semester.

Rena continued, “This unique experience has changed my attitude and vision of the wider world. I learned a lot, not only about myself and my goals that I wanted to achieve, but also about diversity of the world through the experience as an intern at Empowered Women International.”

Hye Ryung Hwang is a junior at Korea University in Korea. She majors in English Literature and International Relations. Before working with EWI, Hye Ryung volunteered to help others in Korea and the Philippines, and she is very interested in human rights.

EWI would like to thank Hye for her dedication and commitment to Empowered Women International during her internship.  We wish her much success in her studies and in all her future endeavors!


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