Member Spotlight: Sara Ahmed, Micro-Enterprise Intern

24 Jan

Sara modeling necklace created by Mercedes Torres

Sara Ahmed recently completed her fall internship with Empowered Women International.  Sara was instrumental in enhancing EWI’s Micro-Enterprise Program, through photographing and listing artist products to our online shop, using her artistic skill to create eye-pleasing displays in EWI’s office store and at events, assisting in event planning and facilitation, conducting marketing research and recording sales.

Sara working with EWI graduate, Carla Weeks, on retail display.

Sara stated in reflection about her time as an intern:

“It was an honor to have learned and experienced from such extraordinary women at EWI who dedicate so much of their time helping other women try and make their dreams come true through their amazing artwork and business oriented ideas. As an Intern I met a diverse group of women who worked hard, never gave up on their visions and have been through so much intimidating situations that made them stronger for future upcoming opportunities. I must say Marga, Erin and Shannon are smart, strong, talented and so passionate about helping others succeed they made participating easy.”

Earrings photographed by Sara

Sara continued, “Word of advice to future interns would be spend as much time volunteering and helping out because your time ends quick and you want leave with more knowledge then you came in with.”

Sara earned her Associates Degree in Business Administration and is continuing her studies at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in International Business and minoring in Fashion Merchandising.  She is passionate about  creativity, cultural diversity, women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

EWI would like to thank Sara for all of her hard work and dedication and wishes Sara much success in all her future endeavors!


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