Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Wilson, Outreach Intern

20 Jan
Elizabeth Wilson, a student studying at Goucher college, served with Empowered Women International as an Outreach Intern during her winter break between semesters.  During Elizabeth’s internship she was instrumental in re-designing and updating our Artist Member directory on our blog, created a Graduate Portfolio containing the business plans of our Entrepreneur Training for Success graduates, and helped in our end of the year fundraising campaign. She organized and updated EWI’s youtube site, and aided in the maintenance of our online store by photographing, writing descriptions and listing products, and took wonderful initiative and created an intern manual to assist other future interns working with our organization.

     Elizabeth stated in reflection about her time with EWI that,

“As soon as I arrived, I was warned I would be thrown into the process of preparing for the graduation, but what I didn’t realize was that the contagious energy of my first week was not actually the result of a major upcoming event, but the constant state of activity at EWI. I was astonished at how much got accomplished every day by such a small staff, even after the ETS program ended for the year. My favorite part of being involved in the buzz of activity was the task of reorganizing and editing the various mediums of social networking that EWI uses to spread the word about events and new developments within the organization.

Collecting all of EWI’s videos on was the perfect opportunity for me to watch several business plan pitches in order to get a general sense of the work graduates do in the Entrepreneur Training for Success program. Paying close attention to the presentations, I was able to string together certain components that all of the presentations had in common, such as an analysis of the threats and opportunities facing the new company. Even this basic knowledge of what goes into a business plan will be useful in the field of microfinance, where I hope to work one day.”

She continued, “Even though my time at EWI was brief, I will be walking away with a whole new perspective on the immigrant experience in the United States, as well as a series of new series of skills that can be transferred into practically any occupation.”

Many thanks Elizabeth for your hard work, dedication and the great energy. We wish you great success in all you do and a wonderful semester studying abroad in Belgium this Spring!

Apply for or learn more about EWI Internships here.


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