Item of the Week: Felted Pillows Now on Sale!

9 Jan

Colorful and whimsical pillow handcrafted with wool. The front of each pillow has a unique design that is laid out with wool yarn roving, then felted to a background of color. It is hand-stitched to a back that allows the inner pillow to be removed, and the back is then embellished with decorative buttons.

Measures 13 x 13 inches. Includes instructions on how to care for your pillow.

“The sympathetic nature of wool is due to its unique chemical makeup. The elasticity, the texture and the ability of wool fibers to form a chemical bond with other wool fibers (resulting in felt) are the result of a protein called keratin. This protein is the reason wool is delightfully responsive to transformation. And so it is, with respect and the notion that I might have lessons to learn, I work to create functional art with wool. I hope that you enjoy my work.” – EWI Supporting Artist, Patricia Sidman

Now reduced to $55, purchase your own beautiful felted wool pillow to brighten any room in your home!


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