Its not too late to Donate!

30 Dec

It’s not too late to make a tax-deductible donation to Empowered Women International, and give a gift of empowerment that lasts a lifetime!  Thanks to your generous support we raised $16,434 toward our year-end goal of $35,000.

We urgently must to raise $18,566 before Dec 31, 2011 to ensure the necessary funding to help talented and high-potential immigrant, refugee and low-income American-born women start-up businesses and become productive and contributing members of our community.

There is no better time than in the midst of crisis to invest in growing the entrepreneurial sector. Yet support for entrepreneurs in the current financial climate, especially marginalized communities such as immigrants and low-income women has been very limited.

Watch the video below, and listen to Shahnaz’s story of courage.

She is a refugee who lost everything in her life, and she was forced to leave her country and start again several times. But she is not giving up.  

The business she started through EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success, Babylon Spirit, focuses on paintings and folk art influenced by Middle East. This not only provides Shahnaz with a source of income, but allows her to integrate in and contribute to her newly adopted country. 

 We rely on support and contributions from individuals like you to provide our entrepreneurship education program, mentoring and support services to women like Shahnaz, who are determined to rebuild their lives, integrate and give back.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today and help us continue to create jobs and rebuild lives.

EWI’s successful model of empowerment for women was recognized in several publications, and most recently EWI’s Founder Marga Fripp was featured in the newly published book Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience by Susan C. Pearce, Elizabeth J. Clifford, and Reena Tandon.

Susan C. Pearce, one of the book authors and a longtime supporter of EWI says that,

“EWI is a story of positive energy, inspiration, and hope – not only for immigrants, but for all of us.

I met Marga Fripp as she was conceiving her vision of this venture, when I was involved as a founder of an immigrant rights group and newsletter in Baltimore. Since then, I have watched this dream blossom into the enterprise that it is today. Initiatives such as EWI affect social change both visibly and directly, through training and mentorship to help individuals survive and prosper, and more invisibly and indirectly, by helping to stabilize communities, empower women as a group, contribute to our economy, and reverse the negative images that are often held about immigrants.

When my co-authors and I were choosing individuals’ stories to profile in our book, “Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience”, we selected Marga Fripp and her inspiring work with Empowered Women International to include in our section about activists.

 We need organizations such as Empowered Women International most critically in times like these, when the conventional workplace is low on job creation and immigrants become scapegoats for our country’s financial woes.”

For every donation made to EWI between now and Dec 31, you will be entered into a raffle to WIN the book “Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience,”by Susan C. Pearce, Elizabeth J. Clifford, and Reena Tandonwith a personal dedication from me to you.

 Make a tax-deductible gift today and help us meet our year-end goal of $35,000. Donors like you ensure that EWI grows and changes more lives in the year to come.

Thank you for your generous donation this holiday season!


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