Graduate Profile: Maggie

14 Dec

Maggie is a single mother, who moved to the U.S. from the Philippines.  She is passionate about cooking and sewing and has done both catering and tailoring to make extra money to stay afloat.  However, while working in a daycare in Annapolis she had a new business idea.  State law requires the cots children nap on must be covered with an appropriate “cot cover” and she noticed conventional cot covers were baggy, fell off easily, and got dirty quickly.  Using her passion for sewing she designed a quilted and fitted cot cover, therefore it stays cleaner longer, and is easy to take on and off.

Maggie presenting her cot cover at the EWI Biz Plan Pitch.

My design fits the cots precisely and secures the cover with elastic.  The edges do not hang off as they do with conventional covers.

Shortly after showing the parents at her day care what she had created, she started to receive orders. Realizing that there was a huge market for her handcrafted cot covers she contacted EWI.

Maggie working her mentor Deborah

Over the last three months, we have worked with Maggie to identity her target markets, set prices, and brainstorm about how she can expand to take her product to more day cares across the DC metro area.

Without this class, my business plans would not exist. The coaches and mentors have been the best, they have been encouraging, motivating, and especially patient with me and work well considering that English is my second language and I don’t have formal education in business.  I am now a stronger woman physically and mentally. The Women of EWI have given me the strength necessary to move forward and to tackle the world of business.

Meet our graduates this Saturday. RSVP to Women with Wings.


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