Can we count on you?

13 Dec

We are wrapping up an incredibly exciting year here at Empowered Women International.  We’ve just completed our Fall 2011 Entrepreneur Training for Success program, helping 10 women launch a new business. This year alone, we’ve provided 96 women with business coaching and mentoring services, launched 25 women-run small businesses, and produced 6 multicultural arts programs, showcasing over 30 women artists and involving over 6,000 community members. 

ETS Class of 2011.

In 2012, we have plans to double the number of women we support by expanding our training. We must raise $35,000 by December 31st and we need your help to make this dream a reality!  Some of you have already written asking how you can help so we decided to create the Empowered Women International Fundraising Team for volunteers, graduates, and members. Our goal is work with the Fundraising Team to raise $5,000.

Erin Liggan (center) coaching students on marketing strategies.

In just a few weeks time we’ve raised $7,545. With you as a team member we can get even closer to our goal!

There are FIVE easy ways you can help us reach our goal. You can pick one or all five.

1. Donate to Empowered Women International.  Make a one-time donation or become a sustaining monthly donor.

2.    Start your own Razoo Campaign through our project. It’s super easy and a great way to let your friends and family know why you support EWI.  Create a profile on Razoo profile and set a goal to raise at least $250.  Then, email your friends and family, asking them to make a donation.  We’ll provide you with a how-to video and guidance along the way to ensure you reach your goal!

3.     Email your friends and family. This is perfect for those of you who don’t want to set up a campaign through Razoo. Simply email your friends and family with the link to our campaign, tell them why you believe in us and why they should make a contribution today. We’ll even help you craft the email and give you some tips on how to make “the ask”.

4.     Post on Facebook.  Post a link to our Razoo campaign on your Facebook page.  Be sure to include why you support EWI and what is you are asking your friends to do.

5.     Post on Twitter.  Are you active on Twitter? Do you have a lot of followers? Post a link to our Razoo Campaign on Twitter encouraging your followers to make a contribution.

EWI Graduates Sushmita, Bre, and Tiffany at the Omni Studio Art Market.

With your help we will reach our goal! Just think, if everyone on this list gives just $10 we will raise more than $1,000.  If just 20 people commit to becoming sustaining donor at $15 a month, we will raise $3,600.  And if 16 people commit to raising $250 through their friends and family we will raise $4,000.

We can meet our goal, but like everything else we do, we can’t do this alone! If you are interested in becoming a member of the Empowered Women International Fundraising Team to help us reach our goal, please fill out this very short form. When you join you will receive guidance in preparing your fundraising ask as well as tips and resources to help you reach your goal.

Together, we can build a strong community, reach even more women and help one another succeed!

P.S. – Get inspired by attending our Fall 2011 Entrepreneurship Graduation this Saturday!


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