Etsy Marketing Tips for the Holidays

23 Nov

The holidays are coming, and that means holiday sales are coming! As people spend more during the holidays online, preparing your marketing strategy is important. Here are some Etsy marketing tips for the holidays.

–       E-zine, Email newsletter, online catalog

You can send your emails to your clients in more artistic, personalized and professional way. Highlight your new items and promote them in fancy way! Customers may have more chances to view your items and keep up with new ones.

–       Mobile app

Make your own mobile app! Benefit from the power of a Quick Response Code promotion. In this way customers will view your shop more easily and conveniently. As most of people nowadays use smart phones, this is a great way to promote your items to many people. Once you make one, effects will be enormous!

–       Banner

This is a perfect way to market your shop! If you do not have designs for your shop, make one and make banners with them. As branding is essential for your business, this can attract more customers on websites. People will click on these banners and visit your shop.

–       Social Network Service (Facebook coupon)

Almost everybody using computer has SNS account. Take advantage of this fact! Boost your Etsy shop ranks in major search engines andSocial Network Services. More and more visitors will come to your shop. Also, coupons always work! Facebook coupon pages for example are the great ways to market your brand and items for the holidays.

–       Video

Making video is a unique way to increase brand recognition. Make You Tube video and post it on search engines. This commercial video can give strong impacts to people of your shops and keep their attention effectively.


by Rena Ryung, EWI Outreach Intern

Hye Ryung Hwang is an Outreach intern for fall 2011. She is a junior at Korea University in Korea. She majors in English Literature and International Relations. Recently, Hye Ryung volunteered to help others in Korea and the Philippines, and she is very interested in human rights. She is really passionate about and excited to be working for EWI, and is looking forward to having a great experience working with a lot of people.


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