Visions Go Viral: EWI Women Develop Online Strategies

12 Nov



Meet Saadia Yasmin. She is an artist in more ways than one. She hears art, she sees art, she paints art and she dreams art. Her dream is to design a cafe where these elements combine to create an atmosphere of creativity and friendship. Stemming from her own cultural diversity, Saadia envisions a world that gives voices to the silent and power to the oppressed. Through help in creating her own Tumblrpage, she brought all her passions to one place.

After developing unique business strategies and principles, women of EWI were able to project their goals and visions onto web pages, social media sites and blogs. With the rapidly changing communication field, EWI enabled the women to take the big step of moving their businesses from cards, small events and word-of-mouth to online marketing. Some women created Facebook pages, while others chose to create their own website on a blogging forum like Tumblr or WordPress.

Because these forums are free to users, entrepreneurs can avoid the cost traditional advertising and promote their work through viral connections. Saadia engaged this idea head-on and created a Connections page within her site. This allows her friends and colleagues to network within their prospective artistic circles. With these connections, the possibilities for Saadia’s radio show, artwork and future cafe are endless. Word of her dreams can be passed from friend to friend to friend, all through one online page.

If you or someone you know is ready to take this next step in developing a professional presence online, it’s easy. Just ask Saadia.Empowered Women International can help with this part of entrepreneurship, and many others, because the organization and the women behind it believe in equipping women to succeed in today’s business world.

by Katey Muldrow

Katey Muldrow is a senior at Texas Christian University studying news-editorial journalism. Currently, she is a Washington Center intern at the Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington, D.C., where she works to promote Peace Corps’ mission of global peace and friendship through its volunteers around the world. Her work with EWI was spurred by her fascination with other cultures and her desire to see women succeed in a global society.


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