What’s Empowered Women Celebrating Today?

10 Nov

Today Empowered Women International celebrates the extraordinary achievements of Nina Tisara, one of Alexandria’s most inspiring women artists, and a passionate leader for community service. EWI volunteer writer, Paula Margus sat down with Nina to document her story.

Nina will be recognized this evening by Volunteer Alexandria for her extraordinary contribution to the Alexandria community in a dinner gala event. She will be presented with the Marian Van Landinghan Lifetime Service Award.

Congratulations, Nina! We are so proud of you!

Nina Tisara’s determination has wavered very little over the years. Turning 73 this month, she stays

Nina Tisara, The Empowered Woman

productive, focused and engaged in life and various projects. An accomplished photographer, mosaic artist and entrepreneur, Nina is always full of ideas. Nina will tell you that her life journey has been anything but typical.

Her experience with Empowered Women International(EWI) is no exception. Unlike most aspiring artists who come to EWI with a desire to nurture a business dream, Nina had solid business experience and was the proprietor of an established photography studio for 25 years before coming to EWI.

Through her involvement with a co-operative gallery, Del Ray Artisans, she heard about the positive experience with EWI from another artist, Wynn Creasy. She became a member of EWI and a graduate of the Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS) Class 2006.

With Marga Fripp’s encouragement and guidance, Nina transformed one of her ideas into a reality. In 2007, she launched the project Living Legends of Alexandria, which chronicles in photographs and feature stories, the people who are making extraordinary contributions to the quality of life in Alexandria.

Read the full Story!

Celebrate EWI Graduate, Nina Tisara today by sending her a tax-deductible gift to support her work with Living Legends of Alexandria, or by attending the event this evening. Tickets still available.


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