Women in Politics

8 Nov

In the history of the United States of America, women have fought a long and tough battle for equality. Today, we see women all over the world rising up to take their place on the international stage. This country has seen women take a leading role in politics, business and other ventures. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the U.S.’s most formidable female presidential candidate, once said, “If women have a chance to work and earn as full and equal partners in society, their families will flourish. And when families flourish, communities and nations will flourish.” Her words were new and controversial at the time they were spoken, but they sparked a worldwide revolution.

Women from far corners of the planet are leading political movements, like Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. They are earning their place in business like Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF. Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, is setting a new standard on raising children. Right here in Washington, D.C., Marga Fripp is laying the foundation for new female leaders and entrepreneurs through her organization, Empowered Women International. This organization leads with a commanding vision of believing “…in a world in which low-income, immigrant and refugee women in the United States and around the world are treated with respect and dignity and are valued and rewarded fairly for their skills, talents, and labor.” Empowered Women International is fighting the good fight for women to take the reins and lead America, and the rest of the world, to a better tomorrow.

by Chris Cugini

Chris Cugini is a junior at the University of Mount Union studying Communications. He is a student of the Media and Communication group at The Washington Center. Currently Chris is doing an internship with Senator John Thune (R-SD) where he assists in writing letters, researching and giving Capitol tours. It is imperative to cultivate the underprivileged and undervalued in society by giving them a chance to succeed in America.


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