Member Spotlight: Evelyn Brooks

4 Nov

Evelyn Brooks is making a difference in the world one design at a time. She is committed to social responsibility and uses her jewelry line to spread awareness about global issues. A native of Peru, Evelyn traveled the world with the airlines industry prior to becoming a designer. A critical point in her life came on September 11th, 2001. Evelyn was due to fly on the United Airlines flight 93, but was rescheduled to fly one day earlier. As result of this profound experience, Evelyn firmly believes she is living her life as she is meant to by using her talents to help those in need.

Although Evelyn’s father was a jewelry designer, she never expected to follow into his trade. But after her father asked her to design a piece from a box of rubies and sapphires he gave her for Christmas, Evelyn was hooked. She and her husband Bryan launched Evelyn Brooks Designs in October 2004. Since then, Evelyn has used her jewelry to advance the causes of various global issues. She supported environmental conservation by designing pieces for the Green Cup Polo and fought poverty as the exclusive designer for the 2007-2008 Fashion Fights Poverty line of charms. She also uses her jewelry to help her native country, and many of her designs are influenced by Peruvian art and culture.

Evelyn hand-crafts her pieces using precious metals, gemstones, and huayruro seeds from the Amazon. These red or red and black seeds are a signature Evelyn Brooks design. Huayruro seeds represent good luck, protection from negative energy, and happiness. The solid red seeds, which carry feminine energy, are complemented by the seeds that are red and black, which carry masculine energy. Evelyn also designed a men’s jewelry collection in 2010, featuring intricate geometric designs influenced by the Moche civilization of ancient Peru.

Evelyn’s talent and commitment to social change have won her many awards. She was honored as a “jewelry designer of rare talent” after receiving the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Dialogue on Diversity Entrepreneurship Conference in 2010. She was awarded the 2010 Fashion Chamber Choice Award by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and was named an Entrepreneur on the Rise in 2009 by Council Magazine. Evelyn graduated from EWI’s 2007 Entrepreneurship Training, and received the Outstanding Artist Achievement award by EWI.

Evelyn continues to use her jewelry business to fight for global issues. EWI applauds Evelyn for the positive work she is doing with her unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry!

To view more of Evelyn’s work or to purchase an item please visit our Etsy Shop.

To learn more about Evelyn’s work, visit her website:


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