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Item of the Week: Friendship Angel Charm

28 Nov

A unique Blue Angel Phone Charm design made with beautiful blue swarovski crystal beads and is 3 inches in length. The craftsmanship and quality is stunning as well as the way the glass beads are intertwined throughout this statement piece. The clasp and accents are silver in color.

This charm can easily be looped and attached to you cell phone, camera, purse, or given as a beautiful token of friendship! Many buyers have said that they like to carry some with them at all times, to give to those they love when it is least expected.

When asked to describe herself as an artist Mercedes stated “I am Ecuadorian with all my heart”. Mercedes is a talented jewelry, bag, and scarf artist from Ecuador. She has been with EWI for several years and is an unstoppable force of creation! Her signature line is her gorgeous hand crocheted, beaded necklaces and bracelets. Her passion is to create beautiful things to inspire and add to the lives of those touched by her art.

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Go Team Capital One! You are truly the best!

23 Nov

The other evening, our Entrepreneur Training for Success class had an opportunity to work one-on-one with a group of bankers from Capitol One.  Though this partnership, our women gained fresh perspectives in marketing and selling their business ideas, accessing loans, managing cash flow, building partnerships and structuring solid budgets. Most importantly the Capital One mentors encouraged our students to dream big, follow their passions, and not to fear financial obstacles.

Empowered Women International would like to thank the talented and dedicated mentors for their remarkable job in mentoring and guiding our start-up women entrepreneurs. They each offered fantastic guidance, best practices and even business contacts for our students. We look forward to the next opportunity to team up again to lead EWI’s start-up women entrepreneurs to success.

Etsy Marketing Tips for the Holidays

23 Nov

The holidays are coming, and that means holiday sales are coming! As people spend more during the holidays online, preparing your marketing strategy is important. Here are some Etsy marketing tips for the holidays.

–       E-zine, Email newsletter, online catalog

You can send your emails to your clients in more artistic, personalized and professional way. Highlight your new items and promote them in fancy way! Customers may have more chances to view your items and keep up with new ones.

–       Mobile app

Make your own mobile app! Benefit from the power of a Quick Response Code promotion. In this way customers will view your shop more easily and conveniently. As most of people nowadays use smart phones, this is a great way to promote your items to many people. Once you make one, effects will be enormous!

–       Banner

This is a perfect way to market your shop! If you do not have designs for your shop, make one and make banners with them. As branding is essential for your business, this can attract more customers on websites. People will click on these banners and visit your shop.

–       Social Network Service (Facebook coupon)

Almost everybody using computer has SNS account. Take advantage of this fact! Boost your Etsy shop ranks in major search engines andSocial Network Services. More and more visitors will come to your shop. Also, coupons always work! Facebook coupon pages for example are the great ways to market your brand and items for the holidays.

–       Video

Making video is a unique way to increase brand recognition. Make You Tube video and post it on search engines. This commercial video can give strong impacts to people of your shops and keep their attention effectively.


by Rena Ryung, EWI Outreach Intern

Hye Ryung Hwang is an Outreach intern for fall 2011. She is a junior at Korea University in Korea. She majors in English Literature and International Relations. Recently, Hye Ryung volunteered to help others in Korea and the Philippines, and she is very interested in human rights. She is really passionate about and excited to be working for EWI, and is looking forward to having a great experience working with a lot of people.

Item of the Week: Yellow Handmade Glass Two Dish Set with White and Rainbow Accents

22 Nov

This beautiful dish set was created through the intricate method of fusing glass. To make a fused piece, requires that glass be selected, individually cut, pieced, glued and fired. Some pieces require multiple firings in a kiln. The artist has created an eye catching pattern in a vivid range of color, golden yellow with white and rainbow colored accents. The smallest dish measures  2.8 x 5.1 inches and the larger measures 5.3 x 5.3 inches each with a .5 inch lip. These dishes will make a gorgeous statement in your home and can be used for display or for serving treats.

DEBORAH SCHRAN: Deborah Schran is a graduate of EWI’s Training for Success Program. She started out as a painter and printmaker, and found that fused glass lended itself to similar interplays with light, color, design and creativity. She stated, “It is great fun to work in this medium – every time the kiln is opened, it is an exciting event”.
To learn more about the artist and her work please visit her website:

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The Path of the Woman Entrepreneur

16 Nov



This is an interview for Empowered Women International. Donna Vincent Roa, the Managing Partner & Chief Strategist of Vincent Roa Group, shared her experience to the EWI ladies

by Guli Du

Guli Du is a Chinese student graduated from the School of Economics of Peking University in July.  She is particularly interested in marketing and communication, as well as public relations. She is currently  working as a Communication Coordinator in a business communication firm, Vincent Roa Group, which develops and delivers multidisciplinary, world-class strategies, programs, and results. She believes in the power of education and trusts that the ladies of EWI will have a shining future.

Save the Date! Fall Entrepreneur Training for Success Graduation, December 17, 2011

15 Nov

As you follow the amazing stories of the talented women currently enrolled in the fall Entrepreneur Training for Success Program, remember to mark your calendar to celebrate their accomplishments at their Graduation on December 17, 2011!

EWI Artist Opportunities

15 Nov

Donate Art for the: 8th National Low-Income Immigrants’ Rights Conference

On Dec. 8th – 11th, the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) will hold its 8th National Low-Income Immigrants’ Rights Conference in Crystal City, VA.  As part of the conference, NILC will be hosting a fundraising Reception on Dec. 8th where we will present 3 – 4 honorees with our “Courageous Luminaries” Award for outstanding service to the low-income immigrant community.

The NILC is interested in presenting each honoree with a piece of artwork as a form of our appreciation for their leadership.  We’d like the art to be designed by an artist with immigrant connections and/or whose artwork is inspired by immigration to the U.S..  Artists will be compensated with a small monetary payment.  NILC interested in works measuring 17 x 23″

If you are interested in donating your artwork, please contact Don Lyster by email at or phone, 202-384-1279.

Sell Your Work at the : Upshur Street Handmade Craft Fair

Saturday, December 10, 2011
11am – 4pm
Address: 800 block of Upshur Street NW, Washington DC 20011
telephone: 202 352 3421
Co-sponsored by Domku Bar & Cafe and CoreHaus DC

Only $25 per table space!
Deadline: Nov.18th

Submit Your Application Today!

Give Gifts that Give Back this Holiday Season with EWI!

14 Nov

Upcoming Shopping Events:

December 3, 2011: Gifts that Give Hope

Truro Church
10520 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22031

Gifts That Give Hope fairs give shoppers the opportunity to choose meaningful gifts for people on their gift list, while helping others who are not on anyone’s gift list.

Learn more at

Read This Wonderful Article Featured in the Connection about Last Years Fair and EWI’s Participation!

December 4, 2011: Alternative Gift Market

10:00- 4:00pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church
2702 Cameron Mills Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Visit EWI at the Alternative Gift Market, and give gifts that give back this holiday season!  All of EWI’s products are handcrafted by local low-income, immigrant and refugee woman who have graduated from EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success program.  50% of every purchase goes directly back to the artist, and 50% goes to help other talented women receive scholarships.

Miracle on King Street: December 9-10th!

14 Nov

Empowered Women International and the Alexandria Singers proudly present their 2011 Holiday Pops Concert, the Miracle on King Street!

Join Empowered Women International for an evening of music, festivity and shopping on December 9th-10th.  Fun for the whole family with a special guest appearance by Santa!.

Show Times:

December 9th at 7:30pm

December 10th at 2pm and 7:30pm

Purchase Tickets Online Now!

Come early to browse and shop the Artisans Market! The Artisans of Empowered Women International (EWI) will join the Singers to celebrate the season by presenting one of kind handmade goods including hand-painted silk scarves, jewelry designs, knitted scarves, original fine art and prints, notecards, and a natural line of bath and body products. Cash and credit cards welcome. Proceeds benefit EWI and its women members.

Empowering Women

14 Nov

When I first learned about EWI, I knew I would be volunteering to help women grow their businesses. What a great project! But when I learned that a lot of women who take advantage of EWI’s programs have art businesses, I got even more excited.

Along with other students from The Washington Center, I participated in a social media workshop through EWI where we helped up-and-coming female entrepreneurs learn how to use social media websites in growing their businesses.

I knew that this would be a great program for everyone to take advantage of, but I was particularly excited for the women interested in art. As someone with an art business myself, I know that social media (particularly social networking websites) can be a huge asset to those who are serious about selling their art.

The primary reason for this is that the internet provides a great market for niche products. Through online communities, people who are interested in a particular type or art or craft can find others with the same interest and connect with them. This not only means an increase in exposure, but also an increase in exposure of people who are likely to be repeat customers. The reason for this is simple: social media isn’t just about exposure, it’s about bonding over a common interest. Through the internet, people with art businesses can make friends who truly care about their work, and will therefore be more likely to continue to invest in the artist.

So where are the best places for artists to connect? Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all seem to be great platforms due to their size and notoriety. However, I think that the two greatest platforms for artistic social networking are Ravelry and Etsy. Ravelry is a social networking platform akin to Facebook. It allows members to talk about their artwork or crafts, join groups, and plan gatherings where members can improve their craft. Etsy is an online marketplace specifically for those selling handmade products, vintage items, or craft and art supplies. Etsy allows members to create a unique storefront where they can sell their products alongside similar artists. This is an invaluable tool, because it allows an artist to express their creativity and display their products in a digital space that is uniquely their own.

I am thrilled that I had the chance to help some wonderful ladies with social media skills during our workshop. I met some very talented artists and crafters, most of whom were new to the idea of connecting over the internet. While I know that these women have what it takes to make it successful, I know that utilizing social media will give them a great edge.

by Meg Gasvoda

Meg Gasvoda is a senior studying political communication and digital journalism at Alma College in Michigan. She is currently an intern at the Daily Caller, a popular online news publication. Meg is thrilled to be volunteering at EWI for her civic engagement project, because she gets to be inspired by budding female entrepreneurs.