Help Future Entrepreneurs! Join EWI’s Interview Committee.

21 Oct
Former ETS student, Kudzai working with a mentor.

Former ETS student, Kudzai (right) working with a mentor.

Are you an Entrepreneur Training for Success graduate, current mentor, or volunteer interested in becoming more involved? Would you enjoy meeting with the women we serve to access their skills and provide feedback?  Then apply to become a member of the Entrepreneur Training for Success Interview Committee.

Empowered Women International (EWI) Interview Committee will be charged to evaluate incoming Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS) applicants. Based on the feedback from the committee, EWI will make decisions regarding ETS admissions.

The Interview Committee will consist of four to six members who are familiar with the training, as well as the criteria and dedication required. The Interview Committee will be formed by ETS alumni, ETS mentors, staff or volunteers.

EWI staff members, Erin and Shannon meeting with Velma (left).

Committee Guidelines:

  • Committee members are required to participate in a one hour conference call/webinar
  • Two committee members should be present at each interview.
  • Interviews will be recorded and submitted to EWI staff within 48 hours of the interviews
  • Appointments can be scheduled when it is most convenient for committee members and applicants.
  • Committee members will work with EWI to schedule interviews.
  • Interviews last approximately one hour each but should not exceed one hour.
  • Committee members can schedule back-to-back interviews (Example: Committee members may decided to hold 4 interviews on a Saturday afternoon.)
  • Committee members are provided with interview guidelines and questions.
  • In addition to submitting the recorded session, committee members are required to submit the selection matrix/form that will be provided to them.
  • Interviews can take place at the EWI office or in another location if it is quite and conducive to creating a safe space for the applicant to talk.


The Spring 2011 ETS application process will open on October 31st, 2011. We will accept applications until February 17th, 2012.  Interviews will occur on a rolling basis.


On average we have 20 women apply for ETS each semester. This year we anticipate 40 applicants due to our expanding training program. Committee members can each expect to conduct between six and ten hours of interviews, which will be spread out over a 3-4 month period.

The Interview Committee is an imperative process to ETS.  We sincerely value each member’s commitment and feedback. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this process please let us know.

Final Selection:

The final selection for ETS students will be made by EWI staff upon careful review of the matrix/form and feedback provided by committee members.

If you are interested in applying contact Shannon Lynberg


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