Item of the Week: “Take a Load of Sally” Bath and Body Set

17 Oct

This natural luxurious bath and body set contains one 2 oz. jar of “take a load of sally” rosemary and lavender body butter, one 2.75 x 1.75 ” natural lavender goats milk bar of soap and a colorful exfoliating body scrubber pouf, is just what your dry skin ordered. This soothing rosemary and lavender scent is crafted from a blend of essential oils that includes but is not limited to rosemary, lavender, sweet almond oil and shea butter, was hand created by EWI artist member Brigitta Kral from her line of natural beauty products, Briggy’s Bath & Beauty.

Her Directions:
“Just rub a small amount (a little dab’ll do ya) into your rough patches (or all over) and you’ll feel my natural, handmade whipped body butter melt into your skin. So when your skin’s feeling croc-like, never fear… Briggy’s Bath & Body naturally moisturizing whipped body butter is here!”

Brigitta has been an EWI artist member since 2010, graduating from the Entrepreneur Training for Success Program. Brigitta turned to art at a young age to help her cope with her health issues, which have followed her as an adult. After enduring two surgeries in one year, followed by other severe infections, Brigitta decided that she needed to find a healthy way to deal with her stress and regain balance and strength. So, Briggy’s Bath & Body line, a division of Brigitta’s jewelry and craft business BrigaBauble, LLC was born.

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One Response to “Item of the Week: “Take a Load of Sally” Bath and Body Set”

  1. Katie October 22, 2011 at 6:57 am #

    I purchased many products from Brigitta’s line last year and loved them! Especially loved the body butter for my dry hands and adored the chapstick:)

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