Member Spotlight: Lezlie

13 Oct

Lezlie, one our current Entrepreneur Training for Success students, is an artist and painter who came to EWI to learn how to market her art and turn her love of painting into a business.

Lezlie sharing her vision board with the class.

Originally from California, Lezlie started her training as an artist early by coloring on the blank pages her Mother provided instead of coloring books. What seemed to her like pure torture at the time, because all of her friends were coloring inside the lines, later sparked in her an imagination and her love for drawing and painting.

Having two parents with artistic ability, Lezlie was destined to paint. Her father, thought by some, to be the doppelganger of Salvador Dali, taught her to paint in oils at the age of 8. After becoming involved in theatre in her home town of Simi Valley, California at the age of 11, she learned to paint large sets as well as create murals, design costumes and apply stage make-up

Later on in life, Lezlie had the idea to paint homes on slate.  She would often paint Victorian homes she found beautiful and would give these “Homes on Stones” as gifts, even if the homeowner was a stranger to her.

As a self-taught artist, Lezlie’s talents have evolved and expanded over the years to include the use of oils, acrylics, watercolors, and textiles as well as the use of stones as a canvas.

Pet Portrait by Lezlie

A few years ago, Lezlie moved to Virginia to be closer to her brother.  She got a job as bus driver but due to an injury and surgery she was forced was to stop working for a while. In order to stay sane, she found herself painting again.  She gave her paintings to friends and family as Christmas gifts and after seeing her work, one of Lezlie’s friends commissioned her to paint a portrait of their pet. When several of her friends found out about her pet portraits, they too wanted a portrait of their pet. Lezlie then realized that there was an entire market for her and she began painting a few pet portraits on commission.

When we first met Lezlie, we were blown away by portraits, her passion and drive to succeed. Right after

Pet Portrait by Lezlie

that first meeting, we received an email from her friend who referred Lezlie to EWI:

Listening to Lezlie last night after she had met with you all truly put a smile on my face as she was so invigorated and excited to have the opportunity to be a part of EWI. I do not know if you realize this but you ladies really have a gift in helping women not only reach their business dreams but also give hope to people who sometimes do not see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lezlie continue to amaze us with her talents and over the last four weeks she has made tremendous progress in launching her business. We can’t wait to see her business take off!

You’ll have the opportunity meet Lezlie and all of our other current students on December 17th at the Fall Entrepreneur Training for Success graduation. So save the date and prepare to be inspired.


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