Item of the Week: Notecards by Kibera Paper

4 Oct
Introducing EWI Global Products: Kibera Paper Notecards

Empowered Women International has created a partnership with Kibera Paper, a project project started to assist the women who live in Kibera Slum, the largest slum in Nairobi, the majority are widows or single parents. The women of Kibera Paper create handmade cards from waste papers.  The women sell the paper in Kibera which provides them with a sustainable source of income, allowing them to escape from urban poverty. The Project started with 6 women and now has grown to accomodate 24 women who make cards.  Each card is hand crafted and features the signature of the talented artist that created the card.

Empowered Women International is proud to sell the beautiful handmade cards, created by the talented women Entrepreneurs of Kibera Paper.

Support a Empowered Women of Kibera Paper today!

Receive a first time EWI Global discount of 10% using the coupon code: KIBERA PAPER

Buy a set of three cards today on our online store!


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