Member Spotlight: Sarah Jawaid

13 Sep

 “My paintings are the blasts of color that resonate from a place that I often do not tap into otherwise. They are a manifestation of my inner spatial landscape and what I like to think of as a direct route to my Creator.”

Sarah Jawaid recently graduated from Empowered Women International’s Entrepreneur Training for Success program’s Spring 2011 class.  Sarah was born in Southern California and transplanted to Washington, D.C. a few years ago. She received a B.S. from the University of Southern California in Public Policy and an MA in Urban Planning from the University of California, Irvine.  As an urban planner Sarah finds herself constantly thinking about how spaces affect people and the environment, and this motivated her to begin exploring through art.

"Untitled" 18 x 30, canvas/ acrylic

Sarah is interested in how spaces effect the psyche, reflecting  on how the external world impacts the internal.  She explores how the world we inhabit is a reflection of the values we hold dear and the thoughts that regularly cross our minds.  She stated that “synergy exists between the external world and the world within me”.  Noting that  often “it can be difficult to listen to the external world when our internal landscape is relentlessly inundated with the dissonance of idle and self-defeating thoughts.”

"Heart Within" 12 x 16, canvas/ acrylic

In her professional and personal pursuits, Sarah has tried to explore this interaction. Her background in urban planning and public policy led her to begin questioning the reasons why our cities were built the way that they are. Asking questions such as; “Where is the connection of the built environmental with the natural environment? Who is in power?  Who is left out of the equation?  Why is the environment not a priority to many of our leaders?  How can we mitigate disproportionate environmental degradation in the most vulnerable populations?  How can we ensure that children are growing up in affordable, healthy and sustainable housing?”

"What You Left Me With" 18 x 14 canvas/ acrylic/ wax

These conversations and questions ultimately led Sarah to begin exploring on canvas through the process of creation.  For Sarah, her painting and the act of creating is a direct path to spirituality. She stated that, “Despite how vulnerable it makes me feel, I do it because in those moments on the canvas I am exploring the space within myself that I would not otherwise tap into. I am in a state of flow where each brush stroke comes from empowered intuition. There is no judgment and the movements that seem like mistakes are easily integrated into the rest of the piece.”  Each one of Sarah’s works is truly an extension of herself and a glimpse into her internal world. It is the external spaces and the spaces within herself that move her to action.

Visit Sarah’s website to learn about upcoming  exhibits featuring her artwork in galleries around the DC area.

Learn more about Sarah and her work at her Website

Contact Sarah by email:


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