Empower 13 Women to Start their OWN Buisness!

8 Sep

Help us raise $5K by Sunday!

A few weeks ago EWI interviewed Nadine as a potential candidate for our Entrepreneur Training for Success. Nadine is an African-born doctor and artist, who needs help to launch her own women’s clothing line.

“I am a doctor by training. “While in the US, I was dismissed from a program that claimed I could not speak or write English because it is not my first language. They also believed I had a learning disability, mental disease and abused drugs. These accusations are completely false; however, as a result of this, I lost my job and could not be licensed anywhere. From earning a six-digit salary I’ve become a homeless and lived in a shelter with my 2 children. But, I have learned to choose hope, faith and love in the midst of my struggles, and that’s why I am here.”

Nadine creates stunning designs with African fabrics. She wants to complete the Entrepreneur Training for Success Fall Semester 2011 to launch her couture design company, and to learn how to market women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories.

But her business is more than fashion design. It’s about creating jobs for impoverished African women, who will sew her clothing, and for women in the United States, who will work with her to market the designs.

Educated as a doctor in her native country of Zambia but unable to secure employment in the United States, Nadine earns less than $10,000/year, and she cannot pay the course tuition for the 3-month entrepreneurship training and mentoring program.

Dianne Lorenz, EWI Board Member and Mentor with Alicia and Renee, at the graduation gala of the Entrepreneur Training for Success Spring Semester 2011

Without this program and EWI’s support, Nadine will not only lose hope, but she may not have the opportunity to rebuild her life, pull herself out of poverty and live out the American Dream. This will be a loss not only for Nadine, but for our economy and our the society as a whole.

Eight of the 13 women selected to attend the Entrepreneur Training for Success Fall Semester 2011 are struggling with domestic violence, financial crisis and unemployment, and are unable to pay tuition for this program.

The entrepreneurship program is an intensive 3-month training that includes 46 hours of business development training and 5 hours of personalized mentoring services provided by talented successful entrepreneur speakers, as well as in-class and in-person mentors.

The tuition fee is $36.27/hour per student or $1,850/for the full 3-month training and mentoring program, and it provides 51 hours of services including:

  • Business start-up training
  • Business registration
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business plan development
  • Personal and business finances
  • Intellectual property and other legal issues
  • Building an online presence (website or blog)
  • Social media for building a business
  • Grant writing skills
  • Raising capital

Graduates launch their business at the graduation reception and business showcase. After completion of the program, each woman has the opportunity to market and sell her goods and services through EWI’s Micro-Enterprise Program to build a market for her products and to generate income.

Graduate designer with guests in her Moroccan Art Studio at and EWI marketplace event

If you attended one of our graduation receptions, you know the transformative power our program has on each of the women students.

You know that every single woman in this program graduates not only with a ready-to-go business, but also with confidencestrong leadership and business skills, and a powerful network of support to take charge of her own destiny.

Will you help us give the gift of empowerment and self-sufficiency to a deserving woman like Nadine?

EWI has secured funding from generous foundations to cover a portion of the program’s costs, but we urgently must raise $5,000 by Sept 11, 2011 to complete enrollment for all 13 selected women, and to launch the fall semester of the Entrepreneur Training for Success.

A group of amazing women, members of the Womenade Circle have teamed up with EWI to match everyone’s gift up to $1,200.

Please make a tax-deductible gift now at any level you can afford to help us meet the time-sensitive match, and reach our goal of $5,000 by 9/11.

Thank you for your continued support. By working together, we’re empowering women to unleash their creative potential and become contributors to our economy and to the world.


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