Empowered Ideas “Shook the Earth” at the EWI Board Retreat

25 Aug

On August 23, the EWI team and Board members met outside in the wonderful garden of board member, Synthia Woodcock-Dang’s home and enjoyed great company, inspiring ideas, a lunch to die for, and an unforgettable day. Attending the event were EWI President and Founder Marga Fripp, Board Chair Kate Campbell Stevenson, Board members Dianne Lorenz, Joanne Clark, Sharon Burton, Samantha Fraelich, EWI staff members Hannah Cohen and Erin Liggan, and event facilitator, Rita Hummel Crowe.  Rita is the President of LEAP Leadership Advantage, a coaching and leadership development consulting firm for individuals and organizations.  As facilitator of the event, Rita expertly guided the retreat which was focused on generating ideas for the upcoming “I’M EMPOWERED” 2012, EWI Ten Year Anniversary campaign.

Rita Hummel Crowe

Through tailored brainstorming and out of the box thinking techniques the team came up with 46 unique ideas on how to increase awareness, fundraise and form new relationships for the campaign. After discussion and analysis the members decided upon six areas to focus on.  These areas included ideas on coordinating events such as a gala or picnic under the stars, empowering men to empower women, developing an “Adopt and Entrepreneur” program, and many more creative solutions.

Board and EWI team members participated in a thought provoking activity in which each was asked to choose a photo that spoke most to them out of a large assortment of vibrant, captivating images.

Board Chair Kate Campbell Stevenson

Then each participant choose the idea or area of focus that had resonated with them the most throughout the brainstorming activity and evaluated the photo and made connections between themselves, the image and the idea.  This fun, introspective, and out of the box activity generated even more creative solutions and really impassioned each member!

As the team discussed “EWI being a movement rather than a campaign…” the earth shook in response as the earthquake erupted!  The team took this as powerful confirmation from nature of the importance of EWI’s cause!  Be sure to watch for updates on the “I’M EMPOWERED” 2012 EWI Ten Year Anniversary campaign on our website and blog!

Many thanks to Rita Hummel Crowe, President of LEAP Leadership Advantage, the facilitator extraordinaire, also to Synthia Woodcock Dang, the amazing hostess, artist, chef, and nurturer of the team, and to all team members who fully engaged and participated in the retreat.

To learn more about Rita Hummel Crowe or invite LEAP Leadership Advantage to your company please visit their website.

View more photos of the EWI Board Retreat here


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