Member Spotlight: Josh Cohen, Summer Intern

9 Aug

Josh with recent ETS graduate Gloria Valdes

Josh Cohen recently completed his summer internship with Empowered Women International.  Josh learned about Empowered Women International through Drew Bewick, EWI Advisory Board member.  Drew and Josh worked together to create a multi-faceted internship in which Josh would work directly with several different non-profits during the course of the summer.

Josh became involved in various projects at EWI, including developing a model for membership fees for our Entrepreneur Training for Success program and working with current ETS students on their business development.  In addition, Josh was instrumental in aiding EWI at the multi-cultural one day We the People event, as well as the Spring 2011 Entrepreneur Training for Success Graduation. Josh utilized his business background and worked with ETS students to create business cards, posters and other marketing materials during his internship.

Josh with fellow intern, Katherine Foley, greeting guests at the We the People event

Josh said that researching and helping to create the updated sliding scale ETS membership was his favorite project with EWI.  He stated, “I really enjoyed every aspect of the project: the research, the pricing, the work with excel, and most of all the impact. I felt like I was doing something really important for EWI because of the vast difference between the costs of the program and the prices. I felt like my idea provided a great solution to the problem because it would allow the less fortunate women an opportunity to at least pay something affordable for the program, but also ask more well-off women to pay a price closer to the actual cost.”

This summer Josh wanted to do something that combined his business interests with providing help for those who need it, and he loved that EWI provided this setting.   Josh stated while reflecting about his time with EWI that, “I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to work here. I have not only felt like an intern throughout this experience, but a true member of the team. You trusted me with important assignments and with the vulnerable lives of a few women in the ETS program, and for that I am very thankful. ”

Josh is from Massachusetts and is entering his junior year at Claremont McKenna College in California. He studies Economics and Government with a focus on leadership, and hopes to go into business administration, finance, or consulting.

EWI would like to thank Josh for his hard work and dedication and wishes Josh much success in all his future endeavors!


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