Member Spotlight: Kata Witosch

2 Aug

During August we celebrate International Friendship Day, and this week’s member spotlight is directed on artist Kata Witorsch who knows how valuable a network of friends and community can be. Originally from Hungary, Kata moved to the U.S. in 2005 with her husband Ben, and immediately felt the impact of being isolated in a new country without connections or friendships. When her husband learned about EWI, he contacted Marga with the hope of providing Kata, a self-taught jewelry designer, with the opportunity to form a network of support and direction. A naturally talented designer, Kata was a perfect fit with EWI. She completed the Training for Success program and came in contact with other artists facing similar challenges. EWI provided her with the network of support Kata was missing in her life. Kata has formed lasting friendships with members of EWI while learning how to market her business and sell her jewelry.

Kata’s designs are one-of-a-kind pieces of art. She uses semi-precious stones, crystals, sterling silver wire, glass beads, and pearls to create unique color combinations. She finds inspiration in nature, fashion design, and architecture. As a former pianist and conductor in Hungary, Kata continues to be inspired by music. She holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Music from Janus Pannonius University in Pécs, Hungary. She worked in the fashion industry for many years as a marketing executive, and she sees her current profession as a union of her musical, artistic, and fashion backgrounds. Kata sells her jewelry pieces on her website, Design by Kata Witorsch, and in venues though the DC metropolitan area. EWI wishes Kata many more successes in the future as she continues to create stunning works of art!

To view more photos of Kata’s work or to purchase a friendship bracelet to honor someone special in your life for International Friendship Day please visit our Etsy Shop.


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