Featured Item of the Week: Dryer Balls

1 Aug

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Handmade with 100% wool, these colorful dryer balls pull the moisture out of your clothes by bouncing around in the dryer. They work wonders by reducing static and acting as a fabric softener. Dryer balls save time and money since you won’t need to run the dryer for as long. Crafted by Patricia Sidman, these dryer balls are a natural and clean way to save energy and soften your clothes!

About Patricia:

In 1995, Patricia first traveled to Taos, New Mexico where she fell in love with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and was introduced to the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Southwest. The narrative aspects of altars, retablos and hand-carved icons were of particular interest to her. Relying on her background in Heritage Arts and the inspiration that she found in the local folk art, Patricia began producing her own work. Patricia continues to explore and document her experiences in New Mexico, and these influences can be seen in all of her work. As an artist in residence, her work has been shown at the Millicent Rogers and Harwood Museums. She is presently a Supporting Artist of Empowered Women International, donating 50% of all proceeds from her sales to help the organization.

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Visit Pat’s website to learn more about the artist: www.patriciasidman.com

See these dryer balls and more of Pat’s work at our Etsy store!


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