Meet Renee Huggins SinClair

21 Jul

Renee Huggins SinClair is passionate about fashion, and particularly about handbags.  Originally from California, in her former career she worked as office manager at her family’s auto garage, yet Renee always had a creative force within her she wanted to express. Renee began her journey as an artist by studying the history of the handbag.   When you meet the artist you will learn something new and interesting about handbags.  Interesting facts such as who the fathers of handbag design are, like Louis Vuitton and Coach, or how handbags as we know them were derived from horse saddlebags.

Renee moved to DC and started her quest to become a handbag designer.  She began by enrolling in a sewing course, to master the skills and craftsmanship of stich work, patterning and design.  Renee then became a student of Empowered Women International’s Entrepreneur Training for Success program to learn how to launch her handbag business, “Beloved Handbags”.

“Beloved Handbags” is composed of three lines, cloth shoulder sling bags, baby diaper bags and pleated day bags.  All of Renee’s bags are created from unique fabrics and each is one of a kind.  Renee plans to expand her collection to include fancy evening clutches in the near future.

Renee is currently continuing work on her sewing techniques and working with the DC Fashion Chamber of Commerce to begin selling her handbags from a cart near the waterfront in Georgetown.

RSVP for the graduation gala, Women Architects of Change.


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