Featured Item of the Week: Blue Handmade Fused Glass Dish Set

18 Jul

Read More to Receive a Special Discount!This weeks featured item was handcrafted by EWI artist member and graduate of EWI’s Training for Success Program, Deborah Schran.  Deborah started out as a painter and printmaker, and found that the art of creating fused glass lended itself to similar interplays with light, color, design and creativity. She stated,

“It is great fun to work in this medium – every time the kiln is opened, it is an exciting event”

This beautiful dish set was created through the intricate method of fusing glass. To make a fused piece, requires that glass be selected, individually cut, pieced, glued and fired. Some pieces require multiple firings in a kiln. The artist has created an eye catching pattern in a vivid range of color, including blue, white and golden yellow. The smallest dish measures 4.5 x 4.5 inches, the medium is 5.5 x 3.7 inches and the largest measures 9.4 x 4.9 inches each with a .5 inch lip. These dishes will make a gorgeous statement in your home and can be used for display or for serving treats.

For this week only receive 10% off your purchase of any of Debbie’s hand crafted glass art on our Etsy Page.  Use coupon code: DEBBIEGLASS. This discount only applies to sales made through our Etsy shop- follow the link below.

To view more photos or purchase this item please visit our Etsy Shop.

To learn more about about Deborah please visit her website: BefusedHotGlass.com


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