Meet Kudzai Gombakomba

14 Jul

Kudzai at the EWI Office

Each day, until July 23rd, we will be introducing you to one of our current Entrepreneur Training for Success students.  These women are artists, artisans and creative entrepreneurs with talent, passion, vision and entrepreneurial drive to start-up their own businesses and lead change in their communities.  Read about the amazing work they are doing and join us on July 23rd as we celebrate their graduation.

Kudzai, a refugee from Zimbabwe moved to US in 2009 to live with her son, a graduate of George Washington University and after a long wait, her husband and two daughters we finally able to join them in April 2011.  Back in Zimbabwe, Kudzai received a master’s degree in hospitality service and worked as a successful manager, where she conducted trainings on cleaning and customer care.

When Kudzai first arrived to the US she sought help from the International Rescue Committee, a non-profit dedicated to helping refugees find work and navigate the steps to starting a life in the US. Based on her experience, Kudzai was able to get a job as a house cleaner at a local hotel but always had dreams of being her own boss and having her own cleaning company.

Kudzai (far right) at Entrepreneur Training for Success.

As part of our training, Kudzai was connected with several mentors who helped her to identify her niche, produce marketing materials, write a business plan, and work on the financial aspects of being a business owner.  Kudzai is getting ready launch her business, KG SPOTLESS which will provide unparalleled cleaning services at an affordable price.

Through her company, Kudzi will offer both residential and commercial cleaning, deep cleaning treatments, and move-out and move-in cleaning.  With her vast experience in hospitality management and customer care Kudzai will be sure to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Kudzai is currently take a Cleaning & Janitorial Services course at Montgomery County Community College, working towards purchasing a van, and buying all of the industrial cleaning equipment and supplies needed to launch her business.

If you are interested in hiring KG SPOTLESS contact Kudzai at

RSVP for the graduation gala, Women Architects of Change.


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