Meet Alicia Lopez

13 Jul

Each day, until July 23rd, we will be introducing you to one of our current Entrepreneur Training for Success students.  These women are artists, artisans and creative entrepreneurs with talent, passion, vision and entrepreneurial drive to start-up their own businesses and lead change in their communities.  Read about the amazing work they are doing and join us on July 23rd as we celebrate their graduation.

Alicia presenting her buisness to a panel of judges.

Twelve years ago, Alicia set out on a 24-day journey from Honduras to the United States.  Hurricane Mitch had just destroyed everything she owned and she had to make the tough decision to leave the rest of her family behind and join her husband and sister in the DC metro area in order to forge a new life for herself and her children.  After arriving in the US, she was granted amnesty and qualified for a work permit.  Her five children joined her later, and she got a job working in the food line at a local university.  However, a few years ago, after being injured on the job, and unable to work for a month, the university let her go.  Alicia found herself unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

Then, Impact Silver Spring, one of EWI’s partner organizations, referred her to the Entrepreneur Training for Success program. After three months of intensive training and several one-on-one mentoring and business coaching sessions, Alisia’s dream business to cook and sell Latin American food is underway. She plans to hire two women and open a cafeteria in a space provided by Impact Silver Spring where she will sell her homemade pupusas, tacos, tamales, tamarindo and made other dishes.

RSVP for the graduation gala, Women Architects of Change.


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