Featured Item of the Week: Pomegranate Hand Painted Silk Scarf

11 Jul

This hand painted silk scarf was created by EWI artist member Rabia Pervez. Rabia is originally from Pakistan and has been an EWI artist member since 2004 and is a graduate of EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success program.  She is a renowned Silk Artist, aspiring teacher, and budding entrepreneur. Rabia graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, just recently graduated with her M.Ed. in Education with a focus on ESOL, and operates a small IT management company with her husband. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters who share her love for colors.

Rabia titled this scarf “Pomegranate” and writes about this scarf’s design and inspiration as follows:

“The rustling sound of crisp leaves under my feet is what I await every year. Being surrounded by thick forests and fall splendor is hard to ignore. I love the oranges and browns and maroons and simply want them to stay forever. The colors of this scarf are inspired by fall and the title by pomegranate flowers.”

The silk fabric used is extremely soft and comfortable, yet luxurious. It is lightweight, breezy, and drapes perfectly. The scarf is 11″ by 60″ and has hand-rolled hems with 100% silk thread and beautiful 100% silk fringes on both ends.

For this week only receive 10% off your purchase of any of Rabia’s hand painted silk scarves on our Etsy Page.  Use coupon code: RABIASCARF. This discount only applies to sales made through our Etsy shop- follow the link below.

To view more photos or to purchase this item please visit our Etsy Shop.

Learn more about Rabia Pervez and her work at her website: Silk n’ Paint.


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