Member Spotlight: Rabia Pervez

6 Jul

“Here I am sharing my moods with yours to celebrate every shade that life has to offer in a collection that grows with me and I am sure will intrigue you to look at life in a more vibrant way.”

The beautiful silk work created by artist Rabia Pervez is as colorful and extraordinary as discovering a vibrant rainbow in the sky. Each of her silk pieces, which include scarves, cosmetic bags, eyeglass covers, ties, and fans, incorporates her talent for blending fabrics and silk paint. Rabia’s love of art began in her home country of Pakistan, where she made and sold clothing in addition to holding a business degree, working in the corporate world, and having a career as a teacher. However, after immigrating to the United States in 2002, Rabia’s life and career faced a new set of challenges. Her experiences and certification in business and teaching did not transfer to the U.S., making it difficult to find employment. The cultural and social differences from Pakistan also created hardships as Rabia tried to build a new life.

It was Rabia’s silk work that provided her with an opportunity for a new career, a connection to her native country, and a sense of joy. She began working with dyes and paints to create scarves in her home, but needed something more to get to the next level. In 2004 she reached that next level by coming in contact with EWI. She completed EWI’s Training for Success program and learned how to market her work and build her portfolio. She thanks EWI for helping her to reach the next level of her career as a silk artist, and for giving her the tools to become a true artist and businesswoman. Today Rabia is a successful entrepreneur. Her Web site, Silk ’n Paint, showcases her hand-designed pieces of art.

In addition to Rabia’s hand painted silk work, she launched a new jewelry line in the spring of 2011.  Her beautiful pieces are woven together with wire interconnecting semi precious stones such as turquoise, jade, carnelian, and agate.  The pieces of the new line each feature a large stone pendant delicately strung from the woven web of wire and stones.  The beautiful statement pieces compliment the artist’s scarves and create an eye-catching look when worn together!  The line is being debuted at Empowered Women International’s Etsy Shop.  Visit the shop today to view this beautiful new collection as well as select scarves by Rabia.

Rabia has translated her business skills into other areas as well; she is the President and Marketing Strategist for Velocity Zone, an IT management company founded by her husband. She is one step closer to fulfilling her dream of being a teacher again, and completed her master’s degree in education this past spring. She celebrates her successes with her husband and two daughters, and EWI wishes Rabia the best as she continues to brighten the world with vibrant pieces of art!


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