Empowered Women Donors Reception a Success!

14 Jun

Originally Posted on June 8th, 2011

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for coming to celebrate with us on June 5 at Jeannie Hodges’s home in Alexandria the many successes EWI has accomplished with your help, continued support and investment in our work. We all were very moved by our women’s stories, and how each of these women had used EWI’s mentoring, coaching, entrepreneurial and leadership training to move forward in their lives, reinvent themselves and pursue their dreams.

(Left to Right): Meera Wolfe, Dianne Lorenz, Michael Katz, Kate Campbell Stevenson, Daniel Katz, Claire, Dianna Katz

We know our comprehensive empowerment model works, and creates stronger citizens and more powerful communities. All we need to do is to do more of it. We look forward to continue to working together with you to open new doors to opportunity, and provide a beacon of hope for all courageous women who make EWI their home away from home.

Thank you for being here for us day by day and every time we call onto your help. We couldn’t have done it without you. You continue to inspire and support my vision and the extraordinary mission and work of EWI.

Jeoff Reecer and Tacha Coleman Parr, Our Evening Shinning Stars
Geoff Reecer and EWI Graduate, Tacha Coleman Parr, Our Evening Shinning Stars

We’ve accomplished a great deal over the past 9 years, and have the passion, commitment and perseverance as an organization to succeed. Yet more strategic work and partnerships are needed to be forged for us to expand our reach and transform the lives of millions of struggling women at home and around the world. We are looking for changemakers who can join to lead with us forward.

Change is not an abstract concept, it requires all of us to work together to make it happen. If you are new to EWI but feel inspired, take action now.

EWI Women Artists
EWI Women Artists and Supporters(Left to right): Sharmila, Uttara, Sushmita, Velma, Dianne, Paulette, Odette, Tacha, Marga, Shannon

One of my teachers in the Center for Social Leadership, Anthony Silard, sent an email this morning saying that, Passion gets us out of the starting gate, but not across the finish line.” He went on to say, “Passion alone is not enough to achieve our goals. We also have to be strategic. There are three goals of work: to do good (create a social impact), do well (generate revenues that enable us to earn a decent livelihood and continue doing our work) and do right (treat our team members and customers with dignity and respect along the way).

To get started, he asked all of us to identify the critical needs of a customer group that won’t go away anytime soon. He asked us to name their pain. Then he said, ” ask yourself this question: How can I serve their needs in a way that I am personally, deeply passionate about and that applies specific, nuanced knowledge that I and I alone possess?

Please brainstorm best ways you can continue to passionately contribute to our cause to further your goals and our mission.

We are looking forward to working together and welcome all your support, talent and generosity.

The time is now! Give us a call, and let’s grow our team and vision together!

Warmest Wishes,


Marga C. Fripp

Founder and President

Empowered Women International


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