Be an Empowered Women Action Hero!

14 Jun

Originally Posted on May 5th, 2011

Two days ago we’ve emailed to let you know of an incredible 3-day online giving initiative through Spring2ACTion to support Empowered Women International and our life changing programs for women.

Yesterday, we received a phone call from an Iraqi refugee, a graduate of our entrepreneur training, who recently lost her job. But that didn’t stop her to call us to make a $10 donation to help EWI in this campaign.

“You helped me when I first came here, I want to help you now, so you can help other women like me.”

When people give to help one another suddenly we feel stronger. We feel powerful. We are powerful!

Today is the first day of Spring2ACTion online community fundraising event, and we need your powerful help.

The campaign runs on May 5, 6 and 7, and EWI plans to raise $5,000 through this initiative. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to receive $2,000 in matching grants of $1,000 each, one from Mason Hirst Foundation Fund, and another one, anonymously.

When you make a donation to Empowered Women International of any size on May 5th, 6th, and 7th, your donation will be doubled up to $2,000, and will help us increase our chances of winning even more money and prizes!

The nonprofit with the most unique donors will win an additional $5,000.

Anyone who contributes to Empowered Women International May 5-7, will also be entered into a raffle on May 8th to win this gorgeous hand sewn pink floral apron by our artist entrepreneur, Velma Crawford.

This could be yours with an online tax-deductible gift to EWI on May 5-7, 2011

The apron will be shipped at no cost to you to the special woman in your life. Along with the apron we will include Velma’s story about her passion to create aprons inspired by the love and strength of her grandmother, Mattie.

Please follow your heart and honor someone special in your life by giving a donation to help the brave and courageous women of EWI rebuild their lives and futures. When women thrive, our communities and the economy are stronger!



Please visit, find Empowered Women International on the Leaderboard, watch our progress throughout the 3 days.

Forward this to your networks and help us win to empower more women.


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