Felt Workshop with Artist and Entrepreneur Evelyn Carr, Owner of ThreeBagsWool Farm

10 Jun

Originally Posted on August 24th, 2010

At the beginning of July, EWI had a wonderful felt workshop with Evelyn Carr, owner of ThreeBagsWool Farm in Purcellville, Virginia. Evelyn breeds Icelandic Sheep and is a talented felter – all of which is done in her spare time!


Felted items are made from wool roving and are a result of a combination of moisture, friction, and heat. Felt can be waterproof and is so strong that it used to be worn under armor in the Middle Ages and the US Army has started to employ it once more.


We have formed a partnership with Evelyn and her farm to make the most out of the wonderful opportunities this amazing fiber provides, and we are greatly looking forward to organizing more felt workshops in the future.


Our brand-new felt product is felt soap and it was a great success at the Whole Foods Market Annapolis’ Vendors’ Day on August 2.


Our most sincere thanks to Evelyn Carr for sharing her talent and passion with EWI, and to Sue Chaisson of Whole Foods Market Annapolis for inviting EWI-made products into the store.




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