EWI New Member Profile: Ana Soria

10 Jun

Originally Posted on August 24th, 2010

Ana Soria came to the US from Bolivia in 2001 to pursue a dream: to devote her life to art. She has been illustrating children’s art for over 30 years, since the age of 5. Her illustrations are colorful, detailed, and evoke great joy (see below!).


Despite the challenges of a short-lived marriage that left her alone as a single mom, she remains hopeful about the future. She is very grateful to have recently connected with EWI. Her goals in this collaboration include guidance in promoting her work, networking, and enhancing her artistic skills through classes. She would also like to expand her illustrating talents into other markets, including calendars, greeting cards, and children’s clothing (t-shirts).


There are many facets of Ana to admire. She has a strong sense of self, determination, resiliency, patience,and faith. Her focus is not only on her future, but on improving the lives of others. She is currently looking for work and plans to remain in the US to pursue her art. She was granted permanent residency three years ago.


Ana’s path has not been deterred by the adversity she has had to face, as evidenced by her contagious optimism. She believes the realization of her dreams are within close reach.


To sponsor Ana and other women like her, please visit our Donate page!


Written by EWI volunteer Paula Margus. Paula has spent the past 15 years working in the field of quality assurance, over 7 of them spent supporting U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). She is passionate about travel, writing, photography, and pets and enjoys learning about other cultures, traditions, religions, cuisine, music, and art. She currently resides in Falls Church, Virginia with one feline who takes great pleasure in outsmarting her with his exceptional ingenuity.


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