Why Host an EWI Jewelry & Art Home Party?

9 Jun

Originally Posted on December 21st, 2009

Simple, because it’s fun! “It’s for a good cause and you get some truly unique things, says Ann Stone, EWI’s Chair Emeritus, who has been hosting home parties to benefit EWI for more than five years.

“I have some fussy friends who bug me all year long as to when EWI’s Party will be again…they bought unique items for themselves that folks comment on all year long. I have other friends who say that their friends tell them the gift they bought here was their favorite!

On Nov 20th, over 25 friends attended our fifth annual jewelry and art home party graciously hosted by Ann at her residence in Alexandria, VA. It was great to see past supporters from Ann’s circle of friends along with new supporters, enthusiastic people looking to make a difference in our community by investing in women’s livelihoods.

As I continue to talk to various people who host home parties and buy gifts from EWI, I always hear the phrase, EWI’s women’s art is really special. Why, you may wonder?

Well, not only because it’s unique and handmade locally, but itcarries a powerful message, and it helps some in need now. It gives the end consumer an opportunity to reflect on ways in which we all can contribute today to helping one another overcome challenging times.

Host an EWI jewelry and art home party in 2010 and see the difference. Email Marga to book a party or learn more.


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