Marketing Your Creativity: Arts Entrepreneurs Marketing Workshop

9 Jun

Originally Posted on February 4th, 2010

Feb. 17, 23, March 23, 2010, Montgomery County, MD – Learn 7 winning strategies to market your art, generate more clients, and grow your business in these tough economic times!

This is a dynamic two-hour workshop on arts and crafts marketing strategies and practical approaches to success, marketing your arts and crafts creations.


The workshop is a must for artists and crafts entrepreneurs who desire to maximize their marketing efforts and reap the returns. Creative entrepreneurs working in visual arts, crafts, and even performers can benefit from this valuable workshop.  If your creativity is expressed through needlework, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, fine woodworking, illustration and visual arts, printing, glasswork, or other arts and crafts, this workshop is for you!


Workshop presenter Marga Fripp has extensive experience training and coaching thousands of foreign-born and American-born artists to think outside the box, stand out from the competition, turn fans into buyers, and build a following.


Learn more and register for classes



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