March 7 – 7Sopranos Extraordinary Concert at EWI

7 Jun

Originally Posted on February 16th, 2009

7Sopranos Back at EWI by Popular Demand in an Extraordinary Concert Benefit


Terrific … Original … Priceless …

Saturday, March 7, 2009, 7-9 PM

Convergence in Alexandria, VA

Ticket: $12/person

Purchase your ticket NOW!

Concert 7-8 PM
Dessert Reception 8-9 PM
Adjacent FREE parking

Honor a Special Woman in Your Life

With Love Songs She Will Never Forget.

Remind her how special she is to you everyday.

Give her the gift of love, so she will always be beautiful.

Drawn from comedy, drama, secular and sacred music, seven divas weave together a program of arias and art songs into kaleidoscope of sight and sound.

Classical music and opera was composed as the popular music of the day, meant for the masses. Opera in particular reflected contemporary social issues by communicating moral, ethical and everyday life situations in comedic or dramatic form. One might call it the soap opera of the day! The music was fun, not stuffy.

With this in mind, Artistic Director Cynthia Cole has used her years of experience and love of classical music to form a unique group called the 7 Sopranos. With each voice possessing its own unique weight, timbre, shimmer, and sound, each soprano’s personality is captured in these unique musical arrangements. Arias and songs come to life in a new and exciting experience for the audience as well as the 7 Sopranos. Cole describes their performance as “a fast pace, fun filled evening of soprano repertoire from opera, art song and musical theater.”

Seven Divas singing together on one stage! How many Divas can one stage hold?!

The 7 Sopranos are…

Cynthia Cole, Artistic Director
Adrienne Neal
Natalie Barrens
Nicole Lamm
Mary Ann East
Ariel Vinitsky
Eunyoung Hong
with Ruth Locker, Accompanist

You may purchase your tickets online at our secure website. When place your order online, select designation and tell us how many tickets you purchase.

You may also send us a check to:

Empowered Women International – 7Sopranos Concert
1801 N. Quaker Ln
Alexandria, VA 22302


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